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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Friendly and Professional

    Dr. Jesse Lang is a class act. Talk about someone who really cares, listens, engages, and respects his patients. He is there to give you professional advice and he wants to help you get better. The staff at the clinic is very friendly and professional. I had lower back issues to the point where I couldn’t even stand for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Within 2 weeks of working with Dr. Lang, I was able to stand for long periods of time (2 hours) without any pain or discomfort. Within a month of working with him, I was able to start running and biking again. I look forward to working with him every week because I know that he is helping me get back to where I was before my injury. I would highly recommend him!"
    Eric B.
  • "Provides Personalized Service

    I heard about Dr. Lang from a coworker, I was a bit skeptical at first about all the great things I heard about him, but I decided to give him a chance. I’m glad I did because prior to his treatment plan, I was having issues due to a bulging disc and my sciatica. I was constantly in discomfort and having to rely on meds. I have been seeing him for about a month and he has really helped me. My discomfort is minimal compared to what it was. Dr. Lang not only treats your symptoms but provides personalized service and makes you feel at home. I highly recommend him."
    Marco V.
  • "So much less pain!

    When I first came to Shorewood Elite Healthcare I had very limited mobility in my neck. I could barely turn my head to back up in my car. Now I have SO much more movement and less pain in my neck. The chiropractor also works on my knees and feet which give me pain from arthritis. So much less pain since starting here! And he has very warm hands!! Thank you!"
    Rose G.
  • "Returned to full functionality

    I started coming to see the chiropractor about a year ago because of some nerve damage and tightness in my neck and lower back. He diagnosed the problem and formulated a treatment plan that returned me to full functionality within a very short period. I still come to him when issues arise and for preventative care."
    Ronald W.
  • "I am a headache free

    I suffered from headaches for almost a year. The Shorewood Elite Healthcare chiropractor visited the school where my wife works, and discussed my problem with my wife, and suggested he may be able to help me. Over a year later I am a headache free and feeling much better."
    James H.
  • "Help for the whole family

    We have been coming to Shorewood Elite Healthcare for several years now. My entire family loves coming. The staff is great! He has done wonders for all of us. I hurt my back several years ago, coming to the chiropractor once a week has helped strengthen it back up again, to the point I can feel confident to bend over and pick things up from the floor, without having to worry about my back going out!

    My nine and ten-year-old daughters also come to him, he has helped straighten out the pigeon toe walk, and other issues as well. We would recommend Shorewood Elite Healthcare to all our friends and to you!"
    The Benson Family
  • "I feel safe and at ease

    I arrived at Shorewood Elite Healthcare in extreme pain. I could not move my head from side to side and up and down wasn’t happening. By the end of the first appointment my pain was cut in half, and I was well on the road to recovery. The chiropractor is the most caring individual, and I feel safe and at ease with his skilled Chiropractic manipulations. His intelligent process has not only brought me relief but has improved my physical confidence."
    Diane F.
  • "Finally free of constant back pain

    I have dealt with back pains for years while serving in the military and even after I was out. I never believed that a chiropractor would be able to help. I believed it would be something I would have to live with as I was getting older and after all, I am not in the shape I used to be.

    It was not uncommon that the back pain would flare up from time to time and last 1 day or 2 weeks. The pain finally got to the point that it was waking me up from my sleep and stretching was no longer working. A friend told me about Shorewood Elite Healthcare and I figured what have I got to lose.

    Well, I have been seeing the chiropractor at Shorewood Elite Healthcare since May of 2010 and would have never believed that I would see that day I would be free of the constant uncomfortable back pain. I have referred many friends and will continue to do so. THANK YOU Shorewood Elite Healthcare for your dedication to what you do and believe in."
  • "Increased the overall value of my life

    Shorewood Elite Healthcare has made an incredible difference in my life. He has been the first and only chiropractor that has helped to remove my pain – for the first time in over 20 years, I can say I have had days where I have been pain-free. Of course, at times the pain comes back – however, the chiropractor will make adjustments and I will be helped once again. Chiropractic care has helped to increase the overall value of life."
    Deborah G.


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